Oona and the Derby Dress - Guest Post!

This post is brought to you by the amazing Oona from Oonaballoona. Huge thanks to the lovely Oona for helping out while I'm away! Hugs and kisses Oona! Okay, take it away...
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when the bundle of breezy bubbly beauty that is christine asked me to visit chez haynes, i knew it was time to finally show off my maxi derby dress.

i remember the august day i picked up this loverly pattern at Sew L.A., back when i was west coasting it.  ah, summer in LA.  sewing poolside, blooming trees, artisan cocktails on warm evenings...there can be magic in the california air (at least, when you're not pounding The Biz's unforgiving pavement).  and, magically, it seemed i was receiving surprise giftie boxes weekly (perhaps due to my incessant shouting about my impending birthday).

one of those boxes was from the raucous and most highly awesome lladybird lauren.  i lusted after some vintage zippers she'd scored, and not only did she send me two of those gorgeous zips, she threw in like eight hundred and six yards of this amazing vintage rayon to go with it!  i knew immediately it had to be a derby dress of maxi proportions.  i can haz wearing two of my favorite sewists?  yes, please.

this was my first crack at the derby.  muslin, me?  meh!  i graded from a size 6 to 8, and extended the hemline of view A to floor length.  (y'all know how to do that, yes? for any newbies out there, it's quite easy, just choose your length--say, you want to add 18 inches of length.  add this amount from the bottom of the pattern, marking at points aaaallllll the way across the bottom.  then connect the dots and redraw your hem. easy peasy, yo.)  no other pattern alterations needed.  TAKE THAT, MUSLIN.

bias binding for straps!  I LOVE THIS DETAIL!!  can you see it amidst the wild pattern?  speaking of, with such an insane print, i didn't think much about pattern placement, and it almost bit me in the booty.  or rather, the boobs.  if you look long enough, i have eyes where eyes should not be.  whaddayagonnado.  i may color one of those wee star squares in with my fancy fabric markers...

but i haven't one it yet.  probably because i'm always wearing it.  seriously, i swan about in this jammie constantly!  i wear it so much, i can't believe that A. it hasn't made a blog appearance yet, and B. ruggy hasn't banned me from wearing it.

if you haven't guessed already, and it's not just because i'm a guest here, this is one of my very favorite patterns.  a home run derby, if you will.  every bit of it is delicious, from instructions to construction .  i have many more planned for this summer (see: letter B).  in fact, i was so immediately taken with it, i decided to rock a derby dress for promaballoona.  methinks the designer was pleased...

merci for having me over, christine!  please have a croissant for me (or six, or seven, i likes the ones with chocolate in them particularly)... i await your new creations with baited breath!

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Thanks again Oona! I was beyond pleased by your Derby Dress and your version for Promaballoona! I couldn't be more flattered! I promise I'm eating a croissant right now :)