Quilt Market Recap

Quilt Market is inexplainable. It's overwhelming, fun, exhausting... did I say overwhelming? But wow, what a great time it is. How great you ask? Well, this Quilt Market was so great that I have no voice left and am now recovering from a full-blown cold and a case of laryngitis! Yep, it's that fun!

I was lucky enough to share a room with two of my best girlfriends (between Alexia's recent LA visit and this one, the three of us are like sisters now) Alexia and Marisa and they are truly two of the nicest ladies in the business. Here they are in our hotel lobby enjoying the free happy hour from 5–6pm. Yep, free!

Shaerie and I ordered a ton of new fabrics for Sew L.A. and below are some of my favorites. Below that are sites of the various booths, parties, and friends I was lucky enough to visit with. It's so massive that it could have multiple posts dedicated to it, but I'm just too tired to do that right now!

I hope you enjoy this taste of Quilt Market... :)