A Weekend With Green Bee and Creative Thursday

Me & Alexia day drinking at Bottega Louie

Last weekend Sew L.A. (my day gig) welcomed the lovely Alexia Abegg from Green Bee Patterns for a workshop and party to celebrate her gorgeous new book, Liberty Love. Alexia and I have become friends and so I invited her to stay with me while in town for four days. What could have been a simple visit became a four-day slumber party with Marisa from Creative Thursday, Alexia, and myself where we toured Los Angeles, drank more than I usually do (though apparently a regular amount for them!), and plotted how to take over the world (insert evil laugh here)!

Enjoy some snapshots from what will go down as one of the best weekends of the year... xoxo

Alexia sewing samples on my new machine (aka Birdie Bernina)

Alexia as the guest of honor at the LAMQG meeting

Alexia's workshop for the Lulu Tunic at Sew L.A.

Macarons at Bottega Louie & more day drinking at the Westside Tavern

Dinner at Figaro Bistro

Fabric shopping at Michael Levine

Party time at Sew L.A. featuring Alexia's patterns and samples and margaritas by Haley