The End is Near

Last fall I received a letter from Random House, the publisher of my book, Chic & Simple Sewing, informing me that my book was going out of print. I was flooded with a wide range of emotions when hearing of this news. I love my book because it was my first book; because it was the exit from an unhappy life of manufacturing garments to teaching and writing about sewing; and because it was my baby. I poured so much love and hope and green naive enthusiasm into that book, not really having any idea what the hell I was doing. But I did it, it led to greater things, and for that I will always love my first little book.

That being said, this book has flaws and issues and is far from perfect (what book isn't). But I have made many things for myself from it, I've taught many garments from it, and I've seen a lot of people make some pretty awesome outfits for themselves with it. So while I might be a bit harsh in hindsight, I know that it is also kinda awesome. The illustrations, models, photography, and design of the book is gorgeous, and I'm grateful for all my friends that helped make it happen. Should I have pushed for more step-by-step illustrations from my publisher? Yes. Should I have requested more than 4 sheets of tissue paper when they requested 20+ projects? Of course. Should I have suggested a wider-range of size offerings? Sure. But all of that is water under the bridge. I'm happy with it in the end, and I know others are too.

With this letter from Random House came an opportunity to buy some of the cases of books that remained in their warehouses. What I don't buy will be sold off to those discount book seller stores. I shuddered to see my hard work in a pile of books with a red $1.99 sticker on it, but the reality is that I don't need all those books in my life either. I wrote it in 2007-2008, and it was released in 2009, so for me, no matter how bittersweet it is, it was kind of a relief to have it be done and to move on to the next chapter. Seriously, 2007 seems like a million years ago.

However, I did want to scoop up a few for archival purposes, and while I was at it, I picked up a couple of cases to sell in my shop. So, this is the official notice that there are 36 books in my shop right now. These are the LAST BOOKS I CAN AND WILL EVER SELL. I will sign each and every one that is sold until they are gone. Did you all get that? These are the last I will ever have to sell. Ever. Really, ever. I used all caps people, so you know I mean it.

I have seen my book on the shelves of some bookshops around Los Angeles, and I know that there are a couple at Sew L.A. where I work, so there are still a few around, here and there. But all of those shops will no longer be able to order them from their distributor, so if you see it out in the wild, and are at all interested in buying it, know that these are the last you'll see so you should scoop it up if you have the chance!

So that's it. I've put 36 books on my website, so pop on over to the shop if you're interested in picking up a copy for yourself or for a friend. I thought about wholesaling these to some shops, but I decided that I'd keep all 36 for my shoppers, to get the last copies directly from me, signed for the last time.

Thanks to all who have pushed and promoted and supported this first book of mine, Chic & Simple Sewing.