Thank You and Lining Update

First off, thank you all for all the kind comments on the blog, on facebook, on Instagram and in my email in box about yesterday's post. I know the book isn't perfect, but I'm grateful that it has helped many seamstresses get over the fear of jumping into garment sewing and it's always nice to hear those stories.

Also, it should be noted that I sold many copies from my stash of 36 yesterday, so that number is already greatly reduced. So if you are at all interested in getting a copy, consider this your warning! This is nearly a last call situation because I don't see them lasting too long. Or, maybe that was the rush and they'll live on for a while. I don't know! But what I do know is that I had 36 yesterday, I have many fewer today, and that is the end of it, forever! So go here to pick up your copy if you want one!

In other news, thank you for all your comments on what lining I should use for my Pavot jacket! I picked up some gorgeous Bemberg rayon yesterday at Mood and love it. I had never heard of it before and after Symon suggested it I did a bit of research and it seemed like the ideal choice. Thanks Symon!

After much debate (and opening my jacket fabric to stick the lining fabric inside to see what it looked like if I opened it to see the lining fabric inside, then "opening my jacket" over and over again with each choice - yes, the Mood people think I'm crazy) I settled on a beautiful light blue that is a perfect robin's egg blue/Tiffany blue/sea foam blue pictured above. It pops without being overpowering and reads as a color without being too much. Other colors in the running were a gold/mustard which really looked dull next to the gray, a matching gray which seemed boooooring, and two blue/green choices that didn't seem to pop and looked like I was trying to match but failed.

I'm not gonna lie, I also considered what I'd look like wearing it with my soon-to-be-mine new purse from Orla Kiely. My man gave me a little handmade look book for my birthday with all the spring/summer 2013 Orla bags in it for me to pick which one I wanted when they are released. My choice was an easy one, the gorgeousness below, which I'm now just waiting for it to be available to order. Oh the waiting.... Hopefully it won't be too matchy-matchy since you'll only see the lining if you look inside the jacket.

And thanks to Sarai and her evil suggestions, I also picked up some lovely cotton eyelet from Anna Sui while I was at Mood, pictured below. I know what the new pattern from Colette looks like and when she suggested using eyelet on her blog yesterday, I thought, oh hell yeah. That's a brilliant choice. You'll agree when you see it!

Anything new on your sewing table? I hardly needed more fabric, but to be fair, I didn't have any eyelet! You guys will back me up on this one, right?