This Week

How I handle my blog is like this- if I feel like blogging, I do. If I don't, I don't. Sometimes I blog nearly everyday, including weekends! Other times, days go by without a word! Clearly based on the silence this week, I wasn't in the mood! But here I am :)

So, what was I up to all week? Lots! Here are some highlights...

I picked up the last issues of Threads and Mollie Makes at the bookstore. Mollie Makes is currently my favorite sewing-related magazine. There are loads of good qualities in all the US publications, but aesthetically, Mollie Makes nails it for me. I am clearly their target demographic! The last issue of Threads was picked up because there is a great article on the Los Angeles sewing scene with nearly a whole page dedicated to Sew L.A. where I work. Yay!

I have a loads of secret things going on behind the scenes that will be revealed in a couple of months, but if you follow me on Instagram (@christinehaynes) you saw this sneak peek photo. Doesn't tell you much, other than some things are being photographed! But just wait... all will be announced in a bit. Stay tuned!

Based on pure jealously, I had to copy the lovely Erin and go to Mood to get this gorgeous cotton/lycra fabric that is destined to be made into a vintage-inspired dress! Thanks Erin for doing the pre-shopping ;)

While at work, I had a surprise visit from the lovely Jamie and Amber from the one-and-only Fancy Tiger! The ladies were in town for the TNNA show and had a day to kill. Lucky me! We hung out on the couch and talked all-things crafty! What a nice treat and if you've never met them, let me say that they are just as nice and cool as you think they are!

I've also been hard at work on my man's birthday celebration (today's his birthday!!!) tonight, and whipped up some tartlets and some other goodies that I will blog about next week, once his birthday is over! Don't want to give it all away!

Lastly, Devon, Haley, and I have been preparing for a party this Sunday at Sew L.A. with Marisa of Creative Thursday! We are going to make valentines, sip cocktails, and celebrate her new book, Creative Thursday. Find out all the details on the Facebook event. Hope to see you there!

How was your week? Hope it was great and happy weekend to you all!