Society6 & Me!

Do you guys know about the Society6 website? It's a really rad spot where artists can upload their art work for free and then people can buy the art on a variety of products. I've bought iPhone covers from there in the past and have been very impressed. It's a win-win situation: the artist doesn't have to front the money for any of the products, the website handles all the printing and shipping, and the consumer gets a piece of art on the item of their choice while supporting the artist directly. Score for everyone!

While most of you know me as sewing-Christine, I also am art-school-Christine and love shooting film and photos. It's a side of me that I miss and don't really have time for these days. But since I have a back log of images and this site is free to start a page, I thought, what the heck, why don't I open one of these Society6 pages and put some stuff up? So I did! To start there are a handful of images from past trips to France, as well as some sewing related images. For quick access in the future, I've added a Society6 link on the left toolbar, just under my "shop" link.

You can get my photographs on a variety of items. At top is a photo of vintage ribbon spools on a iPhone cover. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I love this! Below is a photo of vintage thread spools on a greeting card. Perfect for your crafty friends!

Below are two images from France as framed art. On the left is the outdoor café at Hotel Amour in Paris, and on the right is a field of wild red poppies in the countryside of Provence.

There are also iPhone skins, like the image of vintage French books from a Paris flea market on the left, and locks on the Pont des Arts over the Seine in Paris on the right.

Coming up will be more images from France and the world of sewing, as well as some of my fine art photography of the past and present, and some Los Angeles-themed imagery. All the images have been shot using various digital cameras, analog SLR cameras, or my Lomography Mini Diana camera. Curious to see more? Go check out my Society6 page and let me know what you think!