Quilt Market Scores

In addition to buying for the shop, there are a number of "cash & carry" booths at Quilt Market where you can scoop up awesome things to take home on the spot. Most aren't tempting since I work in a fabric store, but I simply cannot resist vintage goodies, and there were way too many vintage booths for my budget! I held strong and only went into two booths, and of course walked away with things from both.

In one booth they had vintage linens, fabric by the yard, patterns, illustrations, notions, and more. I could have dropped my entire life's savings in that booth! I controlled myself and only bought one pattern and one illustration. Above is the illustration, which I love!!! I totally dig its imperfections, taped together bottom, markings, and the best part, the hand drawn lace hem. And how sassy is the back view at the bottom? Divine! This will be framed and hung in my home as art.

The pattern I picked up is a 1960's Mary Quaint design. I don't plan to make it, but I couldn't pass it up.

Another booth had loads of great buttons, all really well priced. Each bag of buttons was only $3.00! Not only are they cuter than new buttons, but at that price they were cheaper too! These buttons below are cream a with carved black face. Totally perfect for a jacket!

Next up are gorgeous cream buttons with metallic square centers. I have no immediate plans for them, but they were simply too pretty to leave behind.

Last are cute white buttons with a chocolate brown outer ring. Super 1960's mod! These will be dreamy on a dress!

Want some Quilt Market goodies for yourself? Tune in Monday for a giveaway!!! Happy weekend all!