Winter Coats

It seems utterly insane to even be writing a phrase like "winter coats" in Los Angeles right now, as we are getting hit with yet ANOTHER heat wave! And yet, I am thinking about what coat I will want to wear when it does eventually get chillier.

I absolutely had my heart set on the gorgeous Anise Jacket (pictured below, right) from the never disappointing Colette Patterns, but as much as I love it, I do really prefer a longer jacket. And then, I saw the great new patterns from French pattern maker, Deer & Doe, and I was smitten immediately with the vintage styling of the Veste Pavot (pictured above). One hangup is that the coat is not lined, but that is easy to fix. I'd also like it to be a tiny bit longer, so it will land at my skirt hems, but that too should also be an easy fix. Of course, I could make both the Pavot and the Anise. I mean, two jackets aren't too many, right?


I know a lot of people are getting going on their jackets from Gertie (pictured above, left), which is gorgeous, but way too much coat for a Los Angeles winter. Though watching them being made up is amazing. And of course, if you want a slightly more utilitarian jacket, the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket (pictured above, middle) is a great choice. I mean please, who doesn't love a hood? Though again, not a lot of call for that much coat here.

I ordered the Deer & Doe jacket, which is sure to give my basic French language skills a real test, and will report back when it arrives! I also like their Robe Sureau, but thought I'd start with the jacket to see how it goes! You can see many versions of their patterns made up here and here.

Has anyone else used their patterns yet? I'd love to hear about your experience!