Thank You

Wow. I am so blown away by the response to my last post. I honestly am so moved by all the thoughtful comments, the emails that people sent, and one of my friends from Sew L.A. even brought me a box of macarons to cheer me up! Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I do want to be clear that I'm not going away, just taking a step back. I am literally a one-woman operation and it's hard to blog everyday with meaningful content, so what I'm mostly doing is allowing myself to post less, and to be less connected in general. I am an artist at heart. I went to art school, I grew up making things in my small art-centric community, and for me to really love life, I need to be connected to all things creative, which being tethered 24/7 to technology and the negativity it brings into my home does not help foster. At least not for me. So I will still be around and active, just less, to protect my creative soul.

This week my man and I went to see two amazing concerts from Laura Marling and Michael Kiwanuka, both brilliant British singer-songwriters. Their talent and emotion filling the room overwhelmed me. And yet, I was so disappointed by the quantity of people on their phones during the shows. A pair of girls in their 20's in front of us at one of the shows were literally on their phones the whole time, taking photos of each other, posting them on Facebook, and surfing the web, all the while this amazing creative explosion was on stage. They were just missing it completely. I'm certainly not that bad, but it is a reminder to think about when and why I pick up my laptop and my iPhone. It's a bit of a detox, and I'm going to do it. Not completely, but certainly less.

To all the amazing people that commented, I am so grateful for each and every word you wrote. I had no idea so many people even read my blog, so that was a nice surprise as well! I leave you with one of those talents that I was so lucky to see this week, sharing his creative spirit for the world. I hope you stop to smell the roses today, and not just post a photo of the rose.