Colette Patterns Party Recap!

I had so much fun at the Colette Patterns Fall Launch Party Friday night at Sew L.A.! Thanks to all that came and joined us! I was having such a blast chatting up all our great customers (and having a few glasses of wine) that I didn't take that many photos. But here are a few! And Kenn from Colette Patterns was shooting a ton, so hopefully Sarai will write up a nice recap with more photos than I got!

Photo above: Devon made adorable lanterns that spelled out Colette Patterns for the sidewalk. Super cute!

Roy (our adorable high school intern), Devon, me, and Haley all dressed in Colette Patterns for the party! Devon and I are in Hazel Dresses, and Haley is wearing the Truffle Dress from The Colette Sewing Handbook.

The lovely Sarai, wearing the Lily Dress, with one of our sweet customers, wearing the Iris Shorts.

An adorable Crepe Dress dressed customer with Dorit, one of our newest seamstresses, wearing my Derby Dress pattern.

Haley's amazing homemade caramel and the caramel apple bar. Just part of our wide food spread that also included cider, cupcakes, hard cider, mead, wine, preserves, cheeses, bread, fruit, and crackers.

HUGE thanks to all that joined us and I look forward to seeing all the amazing creations to be made with the tons of patterns that were sold!

PS- there are a few photos of the prep for the party on my Instagram page! @christinehaynes