Splendid Stitchery Boatneck Top - How to Tile Print

Yesterday I wrote about the article Splendid Stitchery that Jenny Hart and I have in the current issue of Sew News Magazine. I've received a number of emails from people who are having issues with printing the pattern correctly, so this post is your how-to guide!

First, to get the pattern for the top, click on this link and download it to your computer. Next, if you don't have Acrobat Reader, you want to visit the Adobe website and download it for free. This is a PDF reader for both PC and Mac computers.

Next, open your pattern in Acrobat and it will look something like this:

Next, go to the top and select print. A print dialogue box will open up:

Awesome. Now we need to see what we're printing. Take a look at the next image and you'll see why this above is not ready yet:

Look at the gray box on the top right of the print dialogue box, and check the little white rectangle in the middle of the page. That little white rectangle is telling you what you will be printing. So clearly this is not enough of the pattern! This is what we need to change so that the whole gray box is white and so the dimensions that say 8.5 x 11" are correct for the size of the pattern. 

So in order to fix this, we want to go to the Page Scaling button, as pictured above. Right now "None" is selected. What you want to do is highlight "Tile All Pages" so that it will print on more than one page.

After you select "Tile All Pages" your gray box is now all lit up white and the size is now correct at 42.5 x 33" so it will print on 15 pages. After you print them out, simply tape them all together and cut out your correct size! 

Still have questions? Ask them below in the comments section and I'll try to help as best I can!