Summer in Michigan

I'm back in LA after a nice little break to be with my family in Michigan. My mom and I were trying to remember the last time I was there in nice weather for an event other than a funeral, and I honestly couldn't remember! So clearly it was time. I always visit around the holidays and my mom comes to LA to visit me, but it was a really nice treat to spend time during what turned out to be some of their nicest weather all summer. Highs in the 70's, lows in the 50's and no humidity. Perfection!

Below are some photos of our long weekend together. In a matter of hours, I put my feet in four different bodies of water, each one clearer and more beautiful than the one before it. We had a BBQ, glasses of wine, caught up, and reminisced about summers on these beaches with my late father. I also got to have a rare lunch with some girlfriends from high school. The last time I saw these ladies? 20+ years ago! We certainly had a lot to catch up on!

I'll be back in action tomorrow with the usual posts, but for today, enjoy the sites of a Michigan summer...