Promaballoona in Brief!

Wow. That was a truly awesome night! I'm up way too early for the time that we shut down Promaballoona at Sew L.A. last night, but it gives me a chance to share with you a quick recap to the night! There are many more photos to come, but here are some to give you a taste of how fun it was, and how real everyone got in their outfits! I was seriously impressed that everyone busted out the duds (most handmade of course)!

Most impressive to me was Oona's dress. She arrived, we greeted and hugged, and I immediately commented on the fabric choice, as it was the fabric I was lusting over from her FIDM shopping trip. Then she looked at me and said, "it's your pattern!" OMG!!!! Of course it is! This deserves all caps: SHE MADE HER PROM DRESS USING MY DERBY DRESS PATTERN AS A SURPRISE TO ME!!! I'm still somewhat in total shock at the insane honor that is. I trust that she will be blogging the dress properly, but these photos will give you a taste. And of course, I also realized that I took no photos of myself, so when all the photos come in from Miss Make's camera, I promise to share more!

Now, off to have a cup of tea to return to normalcy! Happy Monday everyone!