Prom Dress Flashback: Junior & Senior Years

In this, the second and last post in honor of this Sunday's Promaballoona, I cover the insane outfits I wore to prom my junior and senior years of high school. Enjoy...

I'm not going to lie. My Junior year, I went a little wild. My high school boyfriend went away to college, my older brother did too, and suddenly I was free and on my own. I didn't have a steady boyfriend for most of that year, so I went with a friend and another couple who also weren't dating. The idea was to have fun all together as friends. Yes, we had fun. One word: vodka. Now kids, I don't condone underage drinking or over drinking, but my junior year high school me thought otherwise!

It was 1987-1988, and I meant business. Again I got a used dress, but I wanted nothing to do with those old-fashioned floor length dresses! Me and all my friends were going to wear short, sassy, and sophisticated outfits. Again, what in god's name did I know about sophistication?! Ask 16 year old me, and she'd have answered that I knew tons about sophistication.

The dress for my junior year was a bright red strapless dress that had a bubble skirt and rouching on the sides of the bodice. To finish off the look, I wore it with white tights, white shoes, and duh, white gloves. Seriously, what the hell with the gloves?! I'm starting to think that whatever I wear on Sunday for Promaballoona should be paired with gloves! But enough about the dress. Let's talk about that insane hair! Or on second thought, let's not!

My senior year, I was now oh so serious, getting ready to go to art school for college, reading loads of existentialism, and therefore had to wear black. In fact, nearly all my good friends wore black that year. It was 1988-1989 and our dresses were again, short, sassy, and strapless. This one I wore was new, had a sweetheart bust, rouching on the bodice, and a short, multi-tiered skirt of gathered taffeta. Wow. And if you think I wore gloves with it, you'd be right!

I hope you enjoyed this wildly embarrassing journey down memory lane! I must admit, it was fun for me too! If you're in the Los Angeles area, join me and all the ladies at Sew L.A. as we host Promaballoona! A prom/birthday party for Oona, one of the sassiest ladies around! Check out the Facebook event page and come see what we've made to wear to our adult prom!