Prom Dress Flashback: Freshman & Sophomore Years

In honor of this Sunday's Promaballoona event we're hosting at Sew L.A. for the lovely Oona, I cannot believe it, but I'm sharing the prom dresses I wore in high school! Lord help me, here we go...

I grew up in a very small (and wonderful) town with an even smaller high school. Everyone knew everyone. At our school, the junior and senior classes were invited to attend prom. The junior class throws the prom for the senior class and freshman and sophomores could only go if asked by an upperclassmen. My boyfriend my freshman and sophomore years was two years older than me, so I was lucky enough to go to prom both of those years, as well as my junior and senior years. That's right, four prom dresses!

My freshman year I went full-on Gunne Sax. To set the scene, my freshman year was 1985-1986, and Gunne Sax was a seriously big deal. I remember thinking that it was huge that I got a real Gunne Sax and not a knock off. I'm sure that it cost my parents a pretty penny, and of course it was only worn once. The dress was floor length, covered in lace, and of course I topped it off with lace gloves. In fact, you'll be seeing more gloves in outfits to come. Apparently to high school me, gloves were the definition of fancy!

 My sophomore year, I remember thinking that I wanted to choose something more grown up and glamorous then what I wore my freshman year. And hey, what is more glamorous than floor length teal taffeta?! Both dresses had full skirts that were embellished with bows that pulled the fabric up like drapes. Again, so sophisticated!

Smartly, my parents somehow convinced me that getting resale was a good idea, so this dress was used, which I didn't mind at all. Again, it was only worn once, and I remember vividly putting my heal through the back of the dress while climbing stairs. This is why you don't invest in fancy wear for kids! This school year was 1986-1987, and to go with my teal dress were white gloves (this time extra fancy, as they went to my elbow!), and my date wore an all-white tux. Dude. It's amazing the choices we make at 15!

I think that's enough 1980's prom action for today. So tomorrow, get ready for my junior and senior years. Here's a preview: the skirts get shorter, and my hair gets bigger! Oh, and if you haven't seen the Facebook event page for Promaballoona, check it out and join us Sunday for the big event!