Choosing Buttons

The choice of buttons can dramatically change the way an outfit looks. I tend to get really obsessive about this stage in my sewing, laying out tons of choices, just to see how it looks. I often think about what accessories I might want to wear with the garment I'm sewing and start asking myself questions about how and when I will wear it. It is for summer? Is it for winter? Do I want it to be more all-season? Might I wear it with a cardigan? What shoes will I wear with it?

I'm in the final stages of making myself a Chelsea Dress with the Peter Pan collar, and all I have left to do are my buttons and attaching the dress to the bodice. So the time has come to choose which buttons I will put on it! I've made the dress entirely from a  gorgeous Anna Maria Horner's light blue voile print that has cream and coral pink in it. I've topped the dress with a light gray/lavender voile collar. I'm clearly going in the direction of light and quiet with this dress, but that's usually when I add an element of surprise.

Below are the options I'm considering. My fear is that going with something cream will just keep it all very soft, so I like the idea of using the black. That way I can wear it with a gray cardigan and black boots and it wouldn't feel wrong. But the softness of the cream is nice. Of course, for good measure I also tried out pink, red, and light blue. I'm afraid that the blue doesn't match exactly, making it look like I tried to match it but failed. And the pink is just perhaps too bubble gum. I actually really like the red, as I'm clearly not trying to match anything, but it gives it a real pop. I could see still wearing this with a gray cardigan and black boots with the red buttons and really loving that choice.

What do you think? Which one should I choose?!

vintage black buttons from Paris

vintage light blue buttons from Paris

large mother of pearl buttons from Sew L.A.

light pink buttons from my grandmother's stash

red buttons from my grandmother's stash

medium cream buttons from Sew L.A.

small cream buttons from Sew L.A.