Renegade Recap and Retirement

Thanks so much to everyone that came and visited my booth this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair! It was wonderful to see so many students and friends and it made the hot heat and dusty wind much easier to deal with!

If you follow me on Instagram (which of course you should! find me at @christinehaynes) then you saw some of the photos of my booth. But here are a few if you're not involved with Instagram. I had a corner inside the Sew L.A. booth with my patterns, books, totes, and samples of my patterns and my Craftsy class. I usually like to keep my booth interesting but not too busy, so I focused on vintage table cloths, giant vinyl doilies, and my Liberty of London box organizers from their Target collection ages ago (they match my dress fabric!).

It's no secret that I love Renegade and that in large part, I owe my business success to this event. Sue, the owner and organizer of the event, has been a friend since before Renegade even began and it's truly transformed the world of craft, handmade buying, and has launched many businesses along the way. That being said, I do believe that after this past weekend, I am officially retiring from the craft sale business. I'd never say never, but while I really relied on my sales in the past for a huge chunk of my income, I don't anymore, and that's a wonderful place to be at.

Over the holidays, my man and I went to the show as shoppers, and that was the first time I had ever been to Renegade as a non-vendor, and it felt wonderful. Won.der.ful! I've counted it up, and all totaled, I've done the LA show 4 times, the San Francisco show 3 times, the Brooklyn show 5 times, the Chicago show 4 times, and Austin once, for a grand total of 17 shows. And only the 4 in LA were in the same city that I was living in at the time. So all the rest were traveling shows!

Of course, it's likely that my employer will continue to participate at Renegade, so it's very possible that you'll see me in a booth in the future, but I'm ready to pass on the torch to other vendors. I was definitely one of the last "old timers" at this year's Renegade in Los Angeles, and I'll happily step aside and make room for someone else.

For those of you not near a Renegade event, you can always (and I highly encourage you to do so) cruise the vendor line up for each city at the Renegade website. Click on the city, then on "vendors" and you'll see a list of all the vendors for each location. Some vendors repeat and travel from show to show, but many are city specific, so it's worth checking out each city's page. Pretty much all have on-line shops, so you too can shop Renegade, just from the comfort of your home!

And UK folks, you have a Renegade show too! Last year was the first year that Renegade brought the show to London, and it's coming back again this fall too! So check out some of the great people that are coming from both Europe and the States for the annual event near you!

I did do a tiny bit of shopping, picking up the loveliest pillow from Linea Carta and a super cute Eiffel Tour tea towel from Girls Can Tell. Huge thanks to my pals Cathy Callahan, Robert Mahar, Jenny Hart, Devon Iott, Haley Glenn, Rhea Tepp, and everyone else that came by to say hi. You all made my day! And huge thanks to Sue and the amazing Renegade crew for organizing a great event, as always!