Back in Action

I'm back in Los Angeles after an amazing 5 weeks in France and I can't believe that it's July! Wow!

Thanks to my amazing friend Rhea, patterns were shipped and all seems to have gone well! But there are still so many things for me to catch up on, so if you're waiting for something, give me a sec while I get caught up on everything, including sleep!

I won't go into tremendous length about the trip, since this is a sewing blog after all, but I will post a few photos this week and will load everything into Flickr too, so look for that soon. And if you want to know all about my favorite Paris sewing spots, well, you'll have to wait a bit on that one, as I'm writing an article all about my Paris sewing hot spots for next spring's issue of Sew News. Of course, more on that when it's released!

Thanks all for allowing me to step away! You have no idea how recharged I am and how inspiring it is for me to go away and just be for a bit. I'm ready to catch up and excited to release the details of my fall pattern!

Also, just a reminder that I'm back into the teaching action this week too! So check out my upcoming classes and make something awesome for yourself this summer!

PS- my man and I almost never take goofy travel photos, but this one he shot while we were picnicking at the Champ de Mars and we both thought it was hilarious as it looks like my head is as big as the Tour Eiffel! Which of course it isn't :)