My Paris Derby Dress

While I'm here in France I decided it would be a fun souvenir to find some fabric and make one of my patterns. I already knew where to get fabric and where to rent a machine, so that homework was done. All I needed to do was go sew it! So I did! Yesterday I got my sewing on and whipped out a version of my pattern, the Derby Dress.

Today my man and I went to Giverny to see Monet's home and gardens and I thought I'd take my dress out for a spin! We rented bikes to get from the train station to Giverny and my dress held up like a champ. We stopped on our bike ride back to the train station to snap a few photos. My dress is a bit crumbled as at this point it had already gone through a Metro ride, a train ride, a 4 mile bike ride, and an afternoon walking around Giverny. So my apologies that it's not at its absolute best!

Also, you might note that I don't post a lot of photos of myself in finished garments. I really find posing for the camera to be painful, but I'm totally aware that this is something I just have to get over and do. So if these feel awkward to you, it's because I felt awkward doing them! I hope this goes away the more I do it. We'll see! Either way, I hope you enjoy the shots of my dress! I chose view B in length and with the belt option, but I chose view A's Peter Pan collar. The straps, collar, and belt are in a contrasting navy cotton sateen, and the dress is in a gorgeously soft navy and white lawn. As the patterns start to reach people's homes, I look forward to seeing all of your versions of my patterns too!