My Craftsy Wardrobe (aka, a bouquet of Peony Dresses)

Hi from rainy Paris! I've had an amazing vacation so far and there's still quite a bit of it to go! Hope you all are having a great June so far as well. Thanks for allowing me to be pretty quiet here on the blog. I'm sure you all understand the need to rejuvenate! Though if you want to see some photos along the way, I'm posting a few a week on my Instagram account- @christinehaynes. Find me there and travel along with me!

It may be quiet in these parts, but while away I'm still very active with my Craftsy students. Are you one of the 950+ people sewing along with me? If not, join in! The students are making amazing tops and I'm so excited about how well it's going!

Since the students have direct access with me, a few have asked me what I'm wearing throughout the video. So I grabbed some screen captures (lord, try finding a good shot of yourself while talking!) and will break down all that I'm wearing throughout the video! Okay, here we go...

First up, the accessories. I've had questions about my earrings, my bracelet, and my tattoo. My earrings were a gift last year from my man for my 40th birthday. They are these amazing diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co. I cherish them and wear them everyday!

My bracelet I picked up on my last trip to Paris at the fantastic shop Merci. They are no longer available, but this is one of my favorite shops in Paris to see and highly recommend it!

My tattoo on my upper left arm are ladies in big full ball gowns from the 1940's animated film Fantasia. This is during the Nutcracker Suite when the milkweed by the pond opens up and the seed and silk floats through the air like ladies in big ball gown skirts. Then they fall to the pond below as autumn becomes winter. Beautiful sequence you can see here at the 12:00 marker.

Oh, and a few people wanted to know about my tool holder. It's just a simple cupcake stand I picked up at a shop like Williams Sonoma. You can get one too at a similar type place! I think it's a fun way to keep my tools in order on my desk.

Alrighty then... the clothing!

Outfit one- Orange floral dress
vintage drapes from Thirft by the Pound in San Francisco
top half of the dress- Peony Dress with short sleeves from Colette Patterns
bottom half of the dress- Kwik Sew 3521
You'll see this combination again below. Absolutely my go to dress pattern combo!

Outfit two- Brown 1950's style dress
a gorgeously soft Japanese cotton sateen from Sew L.A. (fabric is long gone, but there are many others to choose from!)
McCall's 4769 with altered skirt to be full and pleated
I made this dress in a class at Sew L.A. and if you're in the Los Angeles area, you can too!

Outfit three- Black boatneck dress
black stretch seersucker that I had in my stash for years
top half of the dress- Peony Dress with short sleeves from Colette Patterns
bottom half of the dress- Kwik Sew 3521
Yep, same combo as the orange floral dress! Told you it was a favorite!

Outfit four- Teal dress and cardigan
Little Birds fabric from the Meet the Gang collection from Creative Thursday by Marisa
This time, instead of using the Peony Dress pattern for the top half, I used the Kwik Sew pattern. But since the dress is sleeveless, I feel better with it layered in a cardigan. Though since I don't know how to knit, I confess that the cardigan is from Target! 
As for the fabric, this was kindly given to me by the lovely and amazing Marisa from Creative Thursday. This was part of her first collection with Andover Fabrics. I love it!

Outfit three- Gray boatneck dress
soft gray shirting from my stash
top half of the dress- Peony Dress with 3/4 length sleeves from Colette Patterns
bottom half of the dress- Kwik Sew 3521
Yes, I have a closet full of these dresses!

Hope this all helps! And if there's anything else you want to know about, let me know! This is my actual studio and all the goodies around me are actually my things, not props brought in by Craftsy. So if you're curious about any of it, let me know!