To Market, To Market

One of the fantastic perks of being the manager at Sew L.A. is that I get to go with Shaerie, the owner, to Quilt Market! I've always heard about how big and fun it is, and I'm super excited that tomorrow we leave for my first one!

Quilt Market is where we buy a lot of the fabrics for the shop, but it's also just sewing central, with tons of folks coming in from all over the country to deal with all things sewing. Sounds like fun to me! This year it's in Kansas City, which I've never been too, so that will be all new to me too!

I'm probably most excited to see the newest Lotta Jansdotter fabrics from Windham Fabrics, and I've heard that the ladies from Cloud 9 are super fun, but I'm also excited just to see what else is out there. I am somewhat prepared for what's coming since I've participated in giant trade shows in Vegas, and have attended a few CHA conferences, so I'm aware of the scale of these kinds of things, but I'm sure something will totally take me off guard! If any of you have been, what advice to you have for this first timer? I'd love to hear your stories!

I'm bringing my iPhone and laptop, so you might see some photos along the way from me, but since I'm not sure what to expect, there might just be a recap at the end. Either way, if you're on Instagram, you should totally follow me, just on the off chance I snap and post some interesting shots! My user name is just @christinehaynes. Easy peasy!

Will you be there? If so, let me know and perhaps we can meet up!!!

Have a great weekend and Kansas City, here we come!

Photo from Patsy Thompson Designs