Saying Yes, Saying No

I'm off today for an extended vacation, but coming with me is a little bit of work and my trusty laptop. I will be posting some blog posts from Paris, but I will be quieter than usual as I am in serious need of some rest and recuperation.

This spring I took on a bit too much and am paying the price for it. I think that anyone who mostly freelances for a living has a tendency to say yes to too much, and sometimes it's simply just too much. My exercise routine has become less than routine, my balcony garden is half dead, and I've become a regular at my local Starbucks. This is not the life I want! I've found from doing these extended trips the last two years that it's an amazing opportunity to restart and reset. I barely have enough money to make these happen, and usually end up with some I.O.U.'s to my man along the way, but it's worth it every time.

Last year when we went, I actually lost weight, much to the shock of my friends, since France is the land of butter and cheese. But I was able to quiet my mind, quiet my body, walk many miles a day, and simply rest everything. I hope this trip is the same, and I have no reason to think it won't be. I certainly do say no to plenty of opportunities, but I do need to streamline my life into more of a pattern so I can still say yes to the really great things that come my way, like Craftsy, and say no to those that are awesome, but perhaps not essential. Anyway, I think many of you can probably relate, even if you don't sew for a living. It's an easy rabbit hole to fall into, and with that, please excuse me while I press pause for a second :)

So stay tuned for some posts from France and in the meantime, have a great holiday weekend (if you're in the states)!

Oh, and things on the shop will be running business as usual, thanks to my pal Rhea, who's dealing with the final stuffing of the pattern elements and getting things off to the post office. Thanks Rhea!

Photo by me from my trip in 2011