My First Quilt Market, Part 1

What a whirlwind! Quilt Market was all I thought it'd be and then some. I was warned in advance that there would be a lot of "Americana" type fabrics going on, and boy howdy, were they right! If you want fabrics with patriotic themes for your next quilt, they exist in spades! But I was delightfully surprised that there were lots of fabrics that were not of this type and that were really great for both me and the customers and students at the shop.

Shaerie and I flew into Kansas City on Friday, found our rental car, found our hotel, and then headed off to get some dinner. We lucked out in finding a pretty good Indian restaurant in an odd faux town that was clearly built in a field. But all the weirdness aside, the Indian place was authentic and yummy.

After that, we wanted to get fixings for breakfast, as our room had a fridge and microwave in it, so we could save time and hassle by just picking up a few things at the grocery. Well, the only grocery near by was Walmart. Oh my god. Have you ever been in a Walmart? I have, but it's probably been like 10+ years at least. Wow! We were pretty much speechless. It was very hard to find basic things that I am very spoiled to have at every store in LA, like yogurt that was organic and not full of yucky stuff. But we did get some tea, fruit, and Perrier, so for that we were grateful.

We needed to pick up some mugs and silverware for use in the room and to get to housewares we had to pass through the clothing section. Again, we were rendered speechless! That is, until we found this gem, pictured above. That was quickly deemed the greatest t-shirt ever made and was put into our basket for my pal Rhea who I know will rock it with hipster irony like no one's business. It was $5.

The next morning was day one at Quilt Market, and the plan was to browse, hit a few spots to make appointments or place orders on the spot, and see if any surprises awaited us. I knew it would be huge, but wow, it was huge! We got lots done and ordered heaps of awesome new fabrics. It was great to see people like Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner, Melody Miller, and Amy Butler actually manning their own booths. Fun! Here are some of the amazing fabrics we got!

Lotta's new Bella collection

New goodies from Lizzy House

Yay! New Creative Thursday fabrics from my pal Marisa!

Lots of great new prints from the lovely ladies at Cloud 9

Fun Japanese prints! I see them as cute dresses!

Insane cuteness at Monaluna

I also ran into my printers who did the envelopes and the instruction sheets for my new pattern line, and was excited to see that they have my patterns on display as examples of their work! The boxes arrived to my house while I was away, so this was my first viewing, and they look amazing! Now we're just waiting on the actual patterns in tissue to arrive, and off they go to you all :)

After all of that, it was time for some food! Shaerie and I wandered off and found a lovely Japanese restaurant and I celebrated with a yummy martini! Shaerie is expecting, so she had to watch me enjoy it :)

And as if that wasn't enough, there was a meet and greet/cocktail party with the local Modern Quilt Guild! Seriously, I've never heard women scream over fat quarter giveaways before! But it was fun and I ran into loads of people I know and that I wanted to meet. I wish I took more photos of/with people, but in the moment when you're enjoying your company, it doesn't even occur to you at the time! But not pictured here are the lovely Kaari Meng of French General, the adorable Jaime and Amber of Fancy Tiger, the very sweet Angela Gray of Mama Said Sew, super cute Kelly from Superbuzzy, the always fun Ellen March of Sew News, my pal Emily from Craftsy, the super nice Nikol from Sewtropolis, who was the first store to email me about carrying my patterns, and others that I'm sure I'm forgetting!

Phew! We hit the sack and crashed, only in order to do it again tomorrow! Look for Part 2 tomorrow for more Quilt Market fun!