Last Night, 3am

Sorry for all the silence here this week. I'm in the homestretch for my patterns/Kickstarter/upcoming trip and am really just trying to keep all that I have juggling together! So, of course after a busy day at the shop yesterday, I had a big ol cup of my favorite tea and stayed up late trying to do stuff for me. Do you ever do that, where you get your "work" done around midnight, and then you decide to "reward yourself" by working on stuff for yourself?

Let's face it, the biggest reward I could have given myself was sleep. But fueled by tea and desire to do just one thing for myself in the sewing room, I stayed up way too late and am already feeling regret. Perhaps another cup of tea this morning is the trick!

Pictured: two projects I desperately want done for my trip, a new trench and a dress for the long plane ride.