A Welcome Addition to My Fabric Stash

Earlier this week I had to clean out my fabric area to make it a bit more camera ready for my Craftsy shoot, and it's always amazing to see what you find in your own stash! I already knew this fact, but here's the not-so-shocking revelation I made: I seriously have a lot of fabric, and really don't need any more for quite some time. I already knew this. This is not new news to me! What seamstress doesn't have an out of control stash? But it's nice to be reminded of how good it is now and again, especially when working in a fabric store four days a week surrounded by temptation!

But when a fellow teacher at Sew L.A., Rebecca Prange, approached me with something from her stash cleaning that she felt was just right for me, I had to make room, right? And wow, was she right! It is exactly the kind of fabric I'd buy! No matter how giant my stash already is, there is always room for this gorgeous piece: 2 yards of navy and beige medium weight cotton by Laura Ashley from 1975! I know some people get really excited about silks and fancy fabrics, but I LOVE cottons. I just do. It wears well, it feels good on, and it's natural. So I was over the moon with this gift!

I have no idea what to do with it yet, and would love to hear your suggestions! It's not quite as heavy as home decor weight, but it's heavier than a quilt weight. So it's not good for a gathered skirt or anything flowy. But perhaps a pleated skirt? I know I could make a tote or something, but honestly, don't we all have enough totes? It's far too special for that. What do you think? And thank you Rebecca!