The Stash

The keep piles
Everyone who sews or knits or crochets has some sort of stash. It's inevitable. While tidying up my studio for the recent Craftsy shoot, it forced me to do some long overdue organizing of my stash. Way back in the day, I made ready to wear collections, did trade shows, and sold in boutiques. More recently back in the day, I made custom garments and sold collections at events like Renegade. But now, I'm writing, designing patterns, and teaching, so pretty much all the sewing I do these days is for myself and the occasional sample for a class. It's a nice change I must say.

But because of these back in the day activities, I have loads of fabric that I wouldn't use for myself. It's not that I bought fabric for my ready to wear dresses that I don't like, it's just that I thought about the greater market when buying them, and of course, I scooped up large quantities in order to fulfill orders.

The going away piles
It feels so good to sort all of these fabrics and see that I have a lot of stuff that I'm super excited to work into garments for myself, and I'm even forming a quilt stash! Yes, I declare it here: 2012 is the year I make a quilt. You heard it here first! it's going to happen. it also feels good to dump tons of yardage that is fine, but just not for me.

Quilt stash in the making!
Also discovered in the mix, a whole ton of miscellaneous pieces of interfacing! Do you all have those too? It's so hard to toss even the smallest piece of interfacing as it might be useful somewhere!

Interfacing monster
In the end, I learned that I really am in no need to buy fabric for quite some time (unless something insanely amazing appears... read: the fall Lotta collection!), and that I have lots of inspiring yardage to make some pretty fabulous outfits!

How's your stash? Any tips on keeping it in order?