Shopping My Fabric Stash

The best thing I've done lately for my own sewing progress was clean out my stash. I see now that not only do I have a ton of amazing fabrics, but I have loads of interesting fabric combinations too! I have a handful of fabrics with the intension of adding them to another fabric to complete a garment. For the most part, they fall into one of three categories:

1- I could only get a small amount (end of bolt/cost/not planning well/scrap from another project/etc)
2- it's another garment that I'm chopping up to use as parts
3- the print is too busy for me to wear as a whole dress

Let's talk about item number 2. Do you guys remember when Liberty of London had their Target collection? I don't know about you, but I was less than underwhelmed by the women's offerings, which was made almost completely with polyester. However, the men's and children's items were made with cotton and were so much nicer. They weren't quite up to Liberty standards of cotton, but there were nice and of course the prints were adorable.

I picked up a pair of boxers for my man and cruised the girl's section to see if there was anything for me. Well, low and behold there was. There was a girl's sized maxi sundress in one of my all-time favorite Liberty prints, (pictured at the top of this post), and while the largest size did fit me, I mostly was just purchasing it for the yardage. It's enough to use as a full skirt for the bottom half of a dress!

So, then I had to find something for the top! And off to my newly organized stash I went. Since the print has many colors in it, I could go with a handful of choices. Let's break them down...

I have some of this beautiful shot cotton in mustard that matches the yellow in the print exactly. I really like this choice and it seems like a perfect summer combo.

Next I have some of the same lovely shot cotton in a yellowish green. Also soft and lovely, but It isn't a perfect match and for me it doesn't feel quite right.

I also have this textured solid in a bright pool blue. It's a perfect match to the blue in the skirt and I really like this combo a lot. Bright and punchy!

Lastly, I tried it with this solid mustard, which is brighter that the shot cotton since it's a quilting cotton. Great together, but I think I want to save it for another project. More on that combo later!

So, for me, the winner is the bright pool blue! What do you all think? Do you like one of the other combos better? I'm picturing it as a sleeveless Peony or something similar.