Linky Inspiration

It seems like everyone was really prolific this week in my Reader line up! Since I'm buried in a to do list that would make grown men cry, I thought it best to highlight some of their handiwork instead of showing you my sob-worthy pile.

I'm super excited for Gretchen and her new book! The cover has been released and it looks adorable. September seems so far away to wait for it! But alas, we must. Pre-order your own copy at the Amazon page!

Of course Sarai is a sewing master, and this week she showed us some sassy pants she made! I love it when whomever is shooting the photos actually gets a shot of her smiling :)

Speaking of Colette Patterns, they have another spring palette challenge, and browsing the posts, my favorite (after my own of course) was the palette from Lazy Stitching. Mustard, muted blues, and good textures are my cup of tea!

As if being brilliant at sewing and pattern making wasn't enough, of course Tasia is also now a master knitter! Look at this insanely lovely sweater she made! Though I feel for her and everyone else that is still having to wear sweaters (I say as I look at the sunshine out my LA windows...)

I hadn't really considered making the Darling Ranges dress, but this adorable version from Shona Stitches is making me reconsider it! For me, the tie and the fabric make it!

Who can resist Oona and her hilarious posts? I know I can't! I loved her blog before, but since meeting her in person, I can report that she is equally lovely and hilarious in real life. Read her Taffy adventures on Miss Crayola Creepy's blog.

I love my friend Devon and I have officially declared that 2012 is the year she gets me quilting. Her most recent offering will show you why I completely trust her to guide me on this new aspect of sewing!

And if you're in the Los Angeles area between now and May 26, you should check out my friend Lisa Solomon's Migratory Patterns show at Walter Maciel Gallery. She combines thread, drawing, fabric, and other mixed media to make beautiful art work, that at a glance seems sweet, but with a closer eye reveals something far more deep and conversation-worthy.

Hope some of these gets you inspired! Happy weekend to you all, and see you back here on Monday!

All photos from the linked websites