Knit Dress Suggestions Needed!

So the one dress I'm missing in my travel line up so far is something for the long long long plane ride. In the past I've worn a knit dress and I really like that it basically feels like pajamas, but is a dress. That's casual wear for me: a dress, just made of knit. It makes it easy for me to sleep in on the plane and doesn't really wrinkle very much. But, which pattern to use?

I have the Miz Mozelle Dress pattern from Jamie Christina Patterns and some bloggers have had great results, like the gorgeous version from Florence of Flossie Teacakes. So perhaps this is the one to try? I have a very hard time resisting Peter Pan collars!

I also like the Cynthia Rowley tank dress and Jessica from Green Apples made a great version as did Boo Dogg and Me, but I'm afraid that I'll be cold on the plane without sleeves. I will be layered up, but I still think sleeves will be a good idea.

Tracy Reese has a couple of great knit dresses with Vogue as well. 1253 is lovely, but perhaps too fussy for a plane ride. I'm thinking something more like 1224 is a good choice for ultra comfort. But I'd want to make the skirt fuller so it's not so fitted.

So, the question remains, what pattern do I use? I have some gorgeous charcoal gray knit that is a blend and is heavy but drapey and would be perfect for my cozy plane dress... if I can just decide on what to make! Any thoughts?