Difficulty Rating Revisited

My patterns are nearly done and there's just one last detail to deal with: the difficulty rating. I've already decided to label them thanks to input from all of you, but now it's deciding to what words to use.

I was discussing this with my oh-so-smart-man and said that I was going to use "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced" as my difficulty levels, when he pointed out something that I didn't think about: in using those words, I wasn't labeling the difficulty of the pattern, I was labeling the skill level of the seamstress. Yes, that's true! I hadn't really considered this, but "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced" are not difficulty ratings, those are the how experienced you are as a sewer.

But as he pointed out, while there might be valuable basic lessons to be learned in a book like "Sewing for Dummies" no one wants to be called a dummy! Especially more advanced seamstresses!

I am an experienced sewer but I don't always want to make super challenging projects and am often drawn to patterns that are labeled easy. I never thought about the psychological difference between choosing something labeled "easy" and something labeled "beginner," but once he mentioned it, I realized that I might be a bit embarrassed to be seen with a "beginner" pattern, when I'm far from it. But who doesn't appreciate something "easy?"

So, what words to use? I'm leaning toward "easy," "average," and "difficult." Though frankly, I don't ever see myself designing something "difficult," so I'm a lot more focused on the first two levels. Here's where you all come in. I need your input! Do you like those choices? Do you have alternate suggestions? How does everyone feel about difficulty vs. seamstress level? Help me please! Thank you in advance :)

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