And the Leading Knit Dress Is...

Kwik Sew 3659! So, after I posted yesterday's entry, I went to work and looked at the Kwik Sew catalog. If you're not familiar with their offerings, they have a lot of knit patterns, including leotards and ice skating costumes! (Just incase you needed such an item) So I knew they'd be good for jogging my mind into finding the answer.

Well, when I spotted Kwik Sew 3659, I knew this was it! (With alterations of course) Isn't it adorable? I realized that basically I want something as comfy as a t-shirt, but suitable for Paris. I am taking so few items that each one needs to be great enough to wear many times, so even though this is being considered mostly for the plane ride, I want something that I can also wear around town too.

So here's how I see this breaking down-
The original (on the left): short sleeves with band, scoop neck with band and tie/bow, and very slight a-line shape ending at the upper thigh.
My version (on the right): same sleeves, same neckline but with added Peter Pan collar, same through bodice, with a-line gathered skirt at natural waist that hits just above the knee.

So... thoughts? I think the real debate now is whether I do the whole dress in the charcoal gray, or do I get an additional knit for the contrast trim, bow, and collar? I think I know what the answer is: contrast. But still, I'm open to suggestion.

I did some Google searching and I could only find two other versions of this dress, one cut as a top, one as a tunic. But between the three photos I found, it was enough to convince me that this is a good choice.


The runner up was another dress I came across that I hadn't considered, Vogue 8728 with the awesome gathered bodice. Most I saw were pretty good, but it was The Sew Convert's version that nearly put it over the edge. I think it just seemed too fussy and when I spotted the Kwik Sew pattern, it seemed the perfect fit. And please, doesn't it just scream Parisian vacation?

Thanks to everyone for your help yesterday! It's so great to discuss sewing choices with others!

Top image from Kwik Sew
Second image from Sew L.A.