My Sewing Patterns and a Whole New Website!!!

Yay! The day is here! I can finally show you the final photos of my soon-to-be-released sewing patterns, AND, my new website is alive!!! Okay, one thing at a time. First, the patterns!

If you have been following the saga, please excuse this slight recap: I launched a Kickstarter campaign last summer to raise funds to launch my first two independently produced sewing patterns. I based the designs off of two of my most popular ready to wear items; the Derby Dress and the Chelsea Dress. But while those patterns were the inspiration, they certainly evolved over the months to follow.

The Derby Dress maintains the same swingy a-line shape from the original design, but I made that version  most of the time in knit, and this version was to be in woven. So I changed it to have a much more body friendly addition- the princess seam. The back of the dress has four panels that form a full skirt. The original version had a flat neckline with a large gathered ruffle, but as I worked with it, I found that the curved neckline and smaller ruffle was much more flattering, especially on larger busts. And well, if I was going to do a second option, of course it would feature my favorite collar: the Peter Pan collar!

The Chelsea Dress kept most of the original details in version 1, with the addition of a Peter Pan collar and a button yoke. I also removed the elastic in the arm hole, as I find that not many people want to wear sleeves that way. Version 2 of the Chelsea Dress was an opportunity to mix things up, so I made a v-neckline collar, and sewed up a sweet flat bow just at the base. I also added a contrasting band at the hem for those ladies that might want a bit more length!

I had the hardest time deciding on the fabrics to choose, and in the end just couldn't resist these amazing Liberty of London prints. The only fabric that is the exception is the pink and white stripe on version 2 of the Chelsea Dress. All the rest is Liberty Lawn Cotton, which was a total dream to work with.

So, when will these be available to sew up for yourself? Not to worry, they will be up for pre-ordering in the next few weeks! But I just couldn't hold them in any longer. Especially since so many people invested their trust and funds in me, I had to show that I have been very hard at work on these patterns that mean so much to me. I can't wait to see what you all do with them and to share them with my amazing students!
Oh, and as for sizing, the patterns will fit from size 0-18! All in one envelope! Yay!

And... there's the new website too! I am proud to say that with a simple template, I built this whole puppy by myself. I am no webmaster and without the templates, I would be nothing. But I have really gotten good at customizing code and working with photoshop and wow, who knew?! I hope you like it! It's more a place for the shop goodies to live, as most of the action will continue on here at the blog, but I am very happy with it and I hope you all enjoy it too! If any one sees any glitches, please let me know!

Thanks all for the amazing support!