In Progress: My Travel Wardrobe

Due to all the professional projects I'm currently juggling, I rarely have any time to sew for myself these days. Luckily, I do find the occasional spare moment here and there, though I pretty much always feel sick with guilt when I do work on personal stuff. I mean really, there's always so much to do!

But I have an agenda at hand: sewing items for my upcoming travel wardrobe. For the last few years, my man and I try to go to Europe every year. Never mind that I'm perpetually broke and scrape my pennies (and tax return) together each time to do it... that is another story. I am lucky to have the world's most understanding boss and this year we're off for 5 weeks in France.

Though get this, we're going carry on only. Yep. 5 weeks. Carry on. Though to be fair, the apartment we stay in has laundry, so it's not a huge deal to wash things. It would be much harder if you didn't have that luxury. This year I've decided to try to take as much handmade as possible. This will likely consist of a handful of dresses, a nightie, undergarments, bathing suit, jacket, and shoes. I did draw the line at sewing my own swimsuit, even though some bloggers like Very Purple Person have done so. I'm not quite feeling up to that challenge! I gave in last fall during a J.Crew end of summer sale and scored a gorgeous strapless number.

I am just starting the biggest item on my to do list, which is my jacket. I wanted a vintage inspired trench type coat, and fell in love with McCalls 2303 which has amazing vintage styling. I'm cutting it out of beige stretch canvas with the intension of making this the muslin, but if I like it enough on its own, I'll use it as the real deal. It's hard to know if beige will be good, or super boring. Time will tell!

Have you ever tried to do 5 weeks (or there a bouts) with carry on only? I'd love to hear your advice! Travel tips please!