Credits and Supporters For My Upcoming Sewing Patterns

I have so many people to thank for helping make my first two sewing patterns happen. When I launched my Kickstarter campaign, I honestly wasn't sure what to think. Would people step up to help me? And honestly, why would they? I'm not a charity and I'm surviving on my own, but I was hoping that people saw that I couldn't grow beyond where I am without help and that people like me are very unappealing to bank loans. Thankfully, tons of people saw my situation as investment worthy, and friends, family, students, and complete strangers chipped in to help me. I will be forever grateful to them!

I also had enormous help for the photo shoot to make the beautiful pictures for my patterns and website happen. Again, friends and kind strangers stepped up to help and were willing to take much lower pay for their skills. As I sewing teacher, I understand the value of skilled time. I just didn't have the proper budget, and I lucked out that my entire team was amazing, kind, and good at what they do! Read on to see all those responsible for making this all happen... and my undying gratitude to each and every one of you all!

Photo shoot credits:
Bob Lake - photography master
Jenifer Lake - assistant to us all
Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll - hair & make up wizard
Karina Akhmadullina - the absolute natural on the right
Alex Melean - the adorable gal with the bun in the middle
Tara Tinsley - our sweet blond on the left
Flower head pieces by me

All my Kickstarter supporters (alphabetically, by donation):

Nancy Haynes
Michael McCurry
Margaret Walker
Miranda Barton
Peggy Pyle
Cheryl, Max, & Nate Cambras
Carol Stafford
Cheryl S. Freeman
Elizabeth Marjorie Savard
Erika Gieschen Bertling
Jean M Waller
Karen Liebel
Karen N. Chen
Karen Oselka
Kirsten L Hansen
Laura Pyle
Shaerie Mead
Sue Daly
Suzi M. Schoonover
Veridiana Pontes
Megan O Andersen
Amanda Serrentino
Arielle Pittluck
Cynthia Inch
Deborah Compagner
Jessica Youn
Jim Kanter
Kate Woods
Kathryn E. Pittluck
Kathy Cadigan
Kent & Pinky Young
Lesley Ferguson
Lori Petitti
Magela Crosignani
Marisa A Haedike
Michelle Gray
Nina Barton
Patricia Rogal
Shanna E. Van Buren
Shirley Taylor
Susan L. Jenkins
Susan Parker
Christy Petterson
Constance Ann Spaulding
Kayte Terry
Susan Wiliams
Aleva Santaclara
Alissa Haight Carlton
Anna Reinhard
Audrey L Kiehtreiber
Barry Hendges
Catherine Arias
Danielle Ricciardi
Devon Iott
Diana DeMarco Brown
Diane Gilleland
Elisa D Lenox
Erica Wrightson
Erin Mann
Gerald Franz
Heather Adams
Ileana Rodriguez
Jamila Tazewell
Janelle White
Jayn Pettingill
Jeannine Stein
Jenifer Lake
Jennifer A O'Brian
Jill Caceres
Jim Thompson
Joanna Moore
John Paul Favreau
Judith Lautner
Karen Lee
Kimberly L. Vollstedt
Kristen Gregory
Laura Ricciardi
Leah Franqui
Lisa Braithwaite
Lisa G Mark
Lois Maassen
Lori A. Lober
Maegan Tintari
Marie J. Harriman
Marketa Psenickova
Mary Pattavina
Megan O Andersen
Meghan Grebing
Moira Demos
Nancy Gerham
Nicole F. Lee
Rebecca Morse
Rebecca O'Neil
Rhea Tepp
Sarah Neuburger
Sarah S. Forth
Shari L. Bonnin
Shawneen D. Rubay
Shira Leon
Siamak Mostoufi
Sonya Algosaibi
Thamo Hurly
Wendi Wightman
Angela Li
Brian Pedder
Jane Pollock
Karolyn Johnson
Lauren Horwitch
Mary-Garner Merz
One Girl Circus
Patricia Hill
Susan C Beal
Tonya Mayhew
Lesley Scott
Mariz Voesenek
Nicole Vasbinder
Tamara Pratummas
Ardie Devries
B. R. Willis
Barclay A. Dunn
Cathy Callahan
Christel Joy Johnson
Christine Cyr
Elinor W Nissley
Elizabeth Russell
Ellen Schwartze
Farzaneh Kashef
Heather Bamford
Holly Humes
Jenny Ryan
Jill M McKain
Katherine Gaynor
Kathleen Barth
Keren Duchan
Kimberly Curtis
Lauren Hawley
Marian Pear Urushima
Mei-Lynn Destouche
Melissa Wiechmann
Phyllis French
Rebecca L Daniels
Sally Harper
Sara Richmond
Silvia Leis
Tasia Pona
Tess Lee
Theresa C. Lee-Hodson
Tina Beideman
Ursula Feroce
Valerie Williams
Vanessa Lynn Payne
Betsy Pratt
Robyn Coburn
Trevor Byrne
Pat Lytle