Behind the Scenes at the Sewing Patterns Photo Shoot

A couple of weekends ago I flew up to San Francisco to the home of Bob and Jenifer Lake to shoot the images for my upcoming pattern launch. I'm beyond excited with the end results and am completely bursting to share the patterns with you all... but I'm going to wait a couple more weeks!

In the meantime, here are some behind the scene images that Jenifer took with her iPhone. I had grand plans to shoot some video and lots of behind the scene photos myself, but the reality is I was way too busy running around with three models, one hair and make up professional, our photographer Bob, and one chill dog. So luckily Jenifer had her iPhone out and shared the images with me.

She was the best assistant ever, not only shooting photos, but letting me raid her house for fun props, use her super cute shoes for the models to wear, and on top of all that, she prepared breakfast and lunch for our whole crew. Bob was the most amazing head of our team, shooting perfect images that look stunning, and working his butt off entirely for an exchange for me teaching him to sew. Amazing! I love these two so much and am such a lucky girl to have such great friends! Thanks Jenifer and Bob!

Photos by Jenifer Lake