Sewing the Negroni

Yesterday was my man's birthday, and this year I decided to sew the Colette Patterns Negroni shirt for him. I've only ever sewn non-garment projects for him (grocery totes, etc) but I felt up to the challenge this year after tackling some harder projects for myself. But while my own level of sewing women's garments is very high, my level of sewing men's garments is nonexistent! When looking at a dress pattern, I can read or not read the directions and ignore them where I feel I can and make all kinds of my own changes. But making a men's dress shirt, um no, I didn't wing anything!

So for the first time in a long time, I really followed along step by step. And I have to say that Sarai's instructions were really super clear. The only spot I had real issues with was the cuff. Ugh, the cuffs! If my man would wear a short sleeved version, trust me, I would have been all over that in a minute! But he's not a short sleeve dress shirt kinda guy, so cuffs it is.

My only advice to anyone making the cuffs is to pay close attention to the sentence "...and the edges of the sleeve should be carefully aligned with the stitching on the cuff" in step 8 of sewing on the cuffs. The illustration is clear as is the sentence, but it's easy to overlook this seemingly tiny detail. Um yeah, don't overlook this! See where the the arrows are, that tiny part of the fabric that is behind the top layer, the stitching is lined up with the under layer. I did not notice this and had to rip it all out. In the end, the cuffs look just fine and thank the lord, the plaids actually all line up around the shirt! What a nice added level of difficulty I added for myself!


Will I make another? Maybe... It was an amazing learning lesson and it did go together really well, especially all of Sarai's instructions for how to make the inside of the shirt completely clean and free of open seam edges. The inside and outside look equally clean. If asked by my man to make another, of course I will! And if your man needs one, I say go for it! It really goes together nicely.