Indie Pattern Designer: Victory Patterns

I of course love sewing my own pattern designs, but I love sewing other indie designer's patterns too. So when I saw the designs of Victory Patterns, I was stoked. Wow, they are so adorable! Some are better suited for my body type than others, but all are styled well and super fun and modern.

I downloaded the Anouk, the Hazel, and the Ava dresses. I scored the 3 patterns for $25 deal on the Victory Patterns Etsy page, which is great if you just can't narrow your choice down to one design. I look forward to making my first item, which I think will be the Anouk, but we'll see... they are all super cute!

Has anyone made any of the Victory Patterns yet? If so, let me know in the comments with your links! Let's see your creations!