Difficulty Rating, Yea or Meh: A Poll


As I'm working on my patterns, one debate keeps popping up: do I include a difficulty rating, or not. Let's face it, every pattern company rates their patterns differently. An "easy" Vogue pattern usually has details like buttons, zippers, and darts. Are those details easy? Well, yes, if you know how to do them!

But when working at the shop, or talking with my students, I have a lot of beginner students ask me about "beginner" or "easy"patterns. I usually tell them that it's best to work with projects that don't involve serious fit or any closures. To me, that's a "beginner" project. But to other people, "beginner" projects are those that involve easier to accomplish techniques, like button holes and darts. In the world of techniques, these are easier, but should a beginner be worrying about those things when they might be using a pattern for the first time? I don't think so. I think they should be concerning themselves with layout, straight stitching, cutting, pinning, and such. Fit and construction details to me should come after you've mastered the super most basic elements.

Anyway, all this leads me to the debate: do I or don't I include a difficulty rating? I'm leaning toward no, but I'd love to hear what you have to say. Let me know your thoughts!

Left pattern from Sewaholic, right pattern from Vintage Patterns Wiki