The Colette Sewing Handbook Party Recap

Last weekend at Sew L.A. (where I teach and manage the shop) we threw Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns a bash in honor of her new book, The Colette Sewing Handbook. Huge thanks to everyone that came! It was jammed packed from 6pm until around 8pm, and the last hour dwindled in a perfect way so we could regroup, clean up, and go out for a nice dinner with our guests of honor.

If you haven't met Sarai or her husband Kenn, they are just the nicest people ever and it's fun to hang out with someone who has similar tastes and ambitions. I wish they lived near by so Sarai and I could go fabric shopping on our days off!

I was also super happy to see some blog faces I know from my Google Reader! Oona from OonaBalloona and The Sew Weekly came by as did the head of The Sew Weekly herself, Mena. I read both of their blogs and it was great to meet them both in person. It was fun to meet a bunch of other bloggers as well as visit with a host of Sew L.A. students.

The space was beautiful with flowers, patterns, Colette garments, a photo booth area, and a big spread of food and drinks, all based on Colette garments. We had Macarons, Licorice, Taffy, spiked Lady Grey punch, Meringues, Eclairs, and more! All that was missing were pitchers of Negroni cocktails!

Huge thanks to Sarai and Kenn for coming to celebrate their book with us and I hope everyone that picked up the many books and patterns that left the shop are enjoying their new goodies!

Photos by Devon Iott