A Garden Stroll

Yesterday I took the day off. I know, the whole day off! It's super easy as someone who's self employed to always be working, but it's important to take a day here and there and completely step away from all things business related. My man and I decided to get some nature around us, so we went to the Huntington Gardens. If you live in the Los Angeles area, it's a must visit! Honestly, I'd like to just hang out there everyday, sketching, thinking, picnicking. Though alas, it's got a $15 entrance fee and a no eating on the grounds policy. So I guess I can't treat it as my own personal back yard!

Looking at beautiful lush flowers, leaves, and patterns of the plants of course leads me to my relationship with fabric. Somehow it always comes back to work, right? Being in these surroundings is what always makes me want to design my own fabrics. All these amazing prints, patterns, and lines converging and overlapping... ugh, it's all just so beautiful! Oh, and there's an art museum there too! In the former Huntington residence hangs beautiful paintings surrounded by antique furnishings and dΓ©cor of the Huntington family. They were into English painters and 18 century French design. Absolutely gorgeous.

If you have a public garden near you, stop in for a visit! It might get your creative juices flowing too!