Introducing My New Book - How to Speak Fluent Sewing!

I know, it feels like I just introduced a book, but another one is already out! I'd like you to meet my new book, How to Speak Fluent Sewing! Signed copies are available in my shop, and digital eBook versions are for purchase at my publisher's site.

I suspect you're not supposed to have favorites with things like books, and that I should love them all equally, but truth be told, this is quite possibly my favorite book I've written yet. Well, maybe it's tied with The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction, but either way, it's a close race. I am a total junky for reference books, so having the chance to write two, one essentially like an encyclopedia, and this one which is like a dictionary, has been a highlight of my career.

How to Speak Fluent Sewing is a small-ish handy reference book, and is published by the fine folks at C&T/Stash Books. It just feels so so good, and is chocked full of over 300 terms for your reference.

In the book you will find the following chapters, each with loads of sub-sections:

  • Tools
  • Needle Terms
  • Machine Terms
  • Stitch Terms
  • Fabric Terms
  • Pattern & Garment Terms
  • Techniques & Processes

Under each chapter and sub-section, you will find the item with a cute, yet clear, illustration, and the explanation of What it is, What it does, and Why use it. That way you can not only know what the tool or technique does, but the real "why" as well so you can apply it to your own sewing. 

As a teacher, the "why" is hugely important to me, as I know that when I learn I understand the bigger picture better when I know what it's going to be used for and when I might want to use it. All the information gets pooled together and utilized for your craft. 

I am completely in love with how the illustrations turned out–you can only imagine the amount of back and forth that has to take place between me, the editors, and the illustrators, for over 300 terms. Thank heavens for private Pinterest boards! In the end every drawing turned out exactly as had hoped and I am so grateful to the illustrators and my team at RotoVision for making it all turn out perfectly.

I wrote most of this book when I was in Paris last spring, and it truly holds a dear spot in my heart. I adore it so much and hope you all love it too! If you'd like to read a little Q&A my publishers did with me in honor of the book launch, read that on their blog here.

Pick up your signed copy of How to Speak Fluent Sewing in my shop today!