Marianne Dress Supplies

This is the perfect weekend to pick up goodies for your Marianne Dress, as most retailers are having some sort of holiday sale. I urge you to give your local shop a try, or a small shop with an on-line store, instead of heading automatically to the big box fabric warehouse. Every little bit helps and we want to keep these shops around! A lot of small shops don't have on-line shopping, so the shop near you might have exactly what you're looking for. Give them a try!

I searched some of my favorite on-line shops and found some great looking knits. This is not an extensive list, but it is a great place to start your search. Also, please note that I haven't seen most of these in real life and am relying on the shop's description to guide my selection. If you have any questions on the fabric, remember to contact the shop to make sure your impression of the fabric is correct.

The main question you're going to ask yourself is what kind of knit should you get? The reality is that knits are less consistent than wovens and there will be some trial and error along the way. You will also find that you have a personal opinion on the feel and breathability of the knit. Some prefer something stable and thick, others will prefer a lightweight tissue knit, or a shiny synthetic. Many options will work for the Marianne and you might want a variety in your stash to sew up depending on your mood or the occasion.

Also, keep in mind that when you're searching for "stretch" fabrics on-line, many times the shop will include woven stretch fabrics in this category along with jersey knit stretch fabrics, so be careful that you're not accidentally ordering stretch poplin or stretch denim when you're really after a knit.

And if you need the notions to make the dress, you can still find some kits containing the knit interfacing and clear elastic in my shop here!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites out there!

- Blackbird Fabrics -

You might know Caroline, the owner of Blackbird Fabrics, as she has also worked and appeared on the blog for Sewaholic for some time. I am genuinely impressed at the restrained selections on her site, as it's not a super large shop, yet it is full of beautiful quality choices. Clearly we have similar tastes because I always want it all, including these six above! I might buy some of this immediately after writing this post!

The top row has two quilted knits, in white and in gray, as well as a delicious looking metallic that would make a fantastic party dress this holiday! 

The bottom row is stripes, and lord knows I love stripes! The red, navy, and heathered gray stripes are all bamboo knit. Divine!

I have purchased from Caroline in the past and can attest to the quality of her choices. I'm sure these wouldn't disappoint!

- -

Not quite as small as the other shops featured, but I have to give some props for their insanely wide range of stretch fabrics. They have quite literally everything from stretch mesh, to stretch lace, to every kind of jersey knit you can imagine. They even have Liberty of London knits! So I have to give credit where credit is due and include them here. 

The top left is just one of 100's of solids on the site, this is the thick and lovely charcoal gray Laguna jersey from Robert Kaufman. The stripe is a classic cotton and lycra from Riley Blake. And if you need metallic spandex, yep, they have it in a range of colors including this copper nylon spandex

The lower row shows just three of the 1,000's of print options on the site, including this ITY blue floral, multi-colored cotton lycra anchors, and bright granny floral rayon knit that I can't decide if it is crazy awesome, or just crazy.

- Fancy Tiger Crafts -

I always trust the judgement of the lovely ladies at Fancy Tiger and though their new on-line shop isn't huge, there are some lovely knits listed. There are only a few prints, but loads of gorgeous solids, textured solids, and yep, stripes!

Bottom row is a pair of organic hemp and cotton yard dyed stripes, in a lovely oatmeal and black, as well as a charcoal and yellow. The last stripe is 100% cotton classic navy and white stripe.

- Finch Sewing Studio -

Finch doesn't have a huge selection on-line, but they do have some of the lovely jersey from Art Gallery Fabrics, including the far left and far right prints, as well as some other speciality knits, like the lovely organic cotton and bamboo stripe in the center.

- Girl Charlee -

If you sew with knits, then no doubt you have spent hours browsing the extensive collection of knits on the Girl Charlee site. I have ordered from them in the past, as have friends of mine, and I have had some hit and miss experiences. However, their prices and selection are so good that I'm totally willing to make the gamble since many are under $10 a yard, which is a great price for a knit.

These picks are a black and white graphic print in ponte which is one of my favorite types of knits to work with, a poly/spandex faux leather stretch in metallic, and a preppy green ponte stripe that my sporty side simply adores. 

They also have loads of busy prints, which can be really hard to find in knits. This tribal print is another ponte knit, there are bright scuba knits, and lots of pop art style graphics too like this bright dot print in cotton/spandex. 

- Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics -

I recently visited the retail shop of Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley and I can tell you that their shop is huge! And not only that, but their knit section is even huger! So if you're in the bay area, you owe it to yourself to pay them a visit in-person, as this meager selection of three is nothing compared to what they have in the shop. 

From their site I picked this cute bamboo rayon and spandex stripe, a fun pop art dot rayon knit, and this classic rayon and poly blend stripe.

- Wanderlust Fabrics -

Wanderlust Fabrics popped onto my radar for the first time this year, and they have done a good job of supplying the indie sewing scene with quality knits. I have ordered from them and have really liked everything I received. There is a range on here though, so be sure you know if it's a sweater knit, or cotton rib, or terry, etc. so be sure to really read the listing. Also, they send out lovely swatches!

This charcoal stripe is everything I look for in a stripe. Divine! Though there are mostly prints on the site, there is a lovely stock of fun solids like this cute green cotton spandex. And yep, more cute gray stripes!

It's hard to find cute florals and this one with black and white flowers is really great. This buffalo check is super adorable and I've seen it in real life and it holds up! And again, I love a granny floral, so this print suits that side of me perfectly!